ye old fashion


I have to be honest, I have never really had a reason to use this kind of tools before. I love my multi-purpose toolbox. That being said, I do like giving it a good old kicking in general. So when I found this project on Teevee and saw that it’s one of the most eco friendly projects out there (in my opinion), I had to give it a try. The tools are made from 100% recycled materials, can be easily placed over the counter in your desk drawer or you can even DIY them yourself with some epoxy, nails and some scissors.

We all know the basics. Poor posture, old age, ailing parents, bad back or legs; all are ways that we can blame our body for our appearance and even for our health. But what happens when you realize this is an annoying problem, that it is tiring to wear the same thing day after day? Well with the help of KarmaRemedy, things will change! KarmaRemedy is a way to create some improvements in your life by resetting your body and lifestyle by coming up with new workout routines based on what you would do for fun as well as what works for your body. It’s an easy to use app that teaches you how to improve your body through healthy activities.

I love fashion. I know, I know. Most people probably don’t because they don’t wear it often enough. But I love it and I find myself spending a lot of time in the aisles at Target looking for new clothes and styles to try on or trying on a few outfits. There is nothing more fun than spending time in the dressing room with anyone who loves and appreciates clothes that are made by people like you or me.


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