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What do IT recruiters do?

Becoming a recruiter is not difficult at all. This profession is one of professions that is open to each of us. However, in the case of IT recruitment, things are much more complicated. First, let’s figure out what the representatives of this profession do. The pool of responsibilities of an IT recruiter often includes the following:

  • communication with the customers 
  • looking for candidates 
  • selection of resume 
  • interviewing 
  • employment of the candidate 
  • support after employment.

At first glance, it may seem that there is no difference. And the work of an ordinary IT recruiter does not differ at all from the activities of a similar specialist. In the IT field, this is partly true, except that the second should distinguish the backend from the frontend and Java from JavaScript. In simple terms, an IT recruiter must be well in HR processes and understand perfectly the features of all professions related to software, its development and technical support, databases, coding, graphics, design, layout, web development, etc.

What should an IT recruiter know and be able to do?

As mentioned earlier, the knowledge of such a recruiter should cover the entire IT field in all its diversity. Therefore, IT recruiters are constantly learning, and they improve their knowledge regularly to keep up with all modern trends. We can try to collect the essential knowledge and skills of an IT recruiter together:

  • knowledge of IT terminology 
  • general understanding of the development process 
  • the ability to organize work to fill a vacancy 
  • competent oral and written speech – you will have to communicate with colleagues, clients, and candidates a lot 
  • the ability to automate the process of selecting a resume.

Here are only the essential knowledge and skills of an IT recruiter. It should be noted that speaking foreign language is vital, mainly English.  

What personal qualities should an IT recruiter have?

The personal qualities of an IT recruiter are very similar to the qualities of a traditional HR manager. IT Recruiters:

  • have excellent communication skills 
  • know how to remain impartial 
  • attentive to the little things 
  • determined and patient
  • very proactive and not afraid of difficulties  
  • always ready to reach a mutually beneficial compromise.

Pros and cons of working as an IT recruiter

IT recruitment as a specialization has many advantages:

  • demand for the profession 
  • high level of salaries 
  • the ability to work remotely, do freelance, and traditionally at the office 
  • the job is suitable for those who dream of working in IT 
  • there is a possibility of business trips – some candidates may live in other cities or countries
  • a wide range of courses 
  • many career opportunities.

Of course, there are also disadvantages while working as an IT recruiter:

  • not suitable for introverts
  • high-stress levels
  • the possibility of emotional exhaustion.

However, the most negative aspect is directly related to communication. But, if you get incredible pleasure from this process, then be sure to consider this job for yourself.

How to become an IT recruiter?

As we have already learned, IT recruiting is not suitable for everyone. But those who like this specialty will have great prospects. After all, wages are high, and the demand in the labor market is excellent, and the work process is exciting. It remains to clarify the last question – the training of the profession.

So, you can master IT recruiting on your own: you are about to study many methodologies on information technology, watch hundreds of videos on how to conduct interviews, and start taking small orders as a freelancer. Sounds natural but not very attractive. But there remains one more option – this is getting a demanded job while attending online courses on IT recruitment. Why not start now? Sky is the limit!

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