Following the honeymoon period, many couples spend their spare time in a somewhat routine manner. When going to a café, the movies, or watching a movie at home becomes too monotonous, it’s time to do something new. We’ve compiled a list of the most innovative ways to spend time with your loved one. You will have unique days and evenings!

#1. Attend a couples massage session. Find a spa program for two. Aroma massage with essential oils, body wrap with honey, vanilla-scented sauna and delicious tea… What could be better? Focus on the level of salons like to get an unforgettable experience and spend the evening without a hitch.

If your budget doesn’t yet allow you to visit the spa, give each other a massage according to the classic instructions for massage therapists.

#2. Arrange a photo shoot. The most romantic and exciting photography option for a couple in love is the creation of a love story: it is usually prepared for wedding celebrations, but who said that it must certainly be timed to coincide with the wedding? The fascinating process of planning the story, choosing scenery, costumes and actually shooting under the guidance of a talented photographer will be an occasion to try on unusual images and capture your own plot in pictures that you will want to admire again and again. 

Or make a simple picture session for each other: goof about, dress up, and snap live images – this is a great way to spend time together.

#3. Cook the things you never have time for. Make homemade dumplings or a pear pie, for example.

#4. Arrange a tournament on computer games of your childhood. Whose Mario will collect more coins? Or build your dream home in The Sims.

#5. Assemble a puzzle of 5000 pieces. It’s a perfect way to unwind, but before that, stock up on food and drive the cat out of the room.

#6. Go to a rock festival. Put on some stupid musician t-shirts and pretend you’re 15 and have your first love.

#7. Jump with a parachute. This option is not for the faint of heart, but if you decide on such an adventure together, then give each other experiences that can compete with the most passionate sex. And although you, unfortunately, will not be able to feel all the charm of a free fall at the same time – each of you will get your own instructor –you will still remember this adventure as one of the most romantic in your life.

#8. Come up with a themed week. Culinary, dance, movies – whatever you like best. Dedicate every evening to this activity.

#9. Take a dance lesson. Dancing, according to some psychologists, should be made the basis of therapeutic sessions for couples – their effect is so strong and multifaceted. In dancing, we learn to feel each other’s moods and impulses, get used to trusting a man again, let him lead and be a leader – in a word, we master skills that are extremely important in family life.

#10. Arrange shopping together. Of course, many men don’t like to go shopping. This is true! But you can engage your beloved one and offer to choose clothes for each other. What will come out of this?

Life together is not possible without family romance. Interesting leisure time with your loved one will help not only relax and forget about everyday problems, work and life, but also refresh relationships. Each of you will remember why you’ve once chosen each other, why you are together, why you love and appreciate each other.

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