These days, writers are in high demand. It shouldn’t be surprising. There are so many various requests for their work! You can hire a content writer, order essay online, seek professional editors, and so on. Writing includes many spheres and areas of work. That is why finding good writers for specific purposes can be quite tricky. However, it is still possible. Just be ready to spend some time looking for a perfect match. Though, we can help to minimize your time losses. Here are tips on how to select a skilled content writer for your blog. 

Have a narrow blog theme

Sometimes, it’s not even about the writers. It’s about the task that you set for them. Thus, when you want a new writer for your blog, think of the work you want them to do. Think of your blog and what it represents to you. What do you want to say with your blog? What mission are you on? Can you describe the essence of your blog in just a few sentences? If not, perhaps, you should start with re-evaluating your approach to your site and narrowing down its theme. 

Overall, you want your blog to fulfill a clear goal and deliver a specific message. Only so you can build a loyal audience. Moreover, such an approach will also help you find the best writers for the job. Whenever your message is unclear and style is all over the place, new writers will get confused and won’t work as well as they can. So, first, it is up to you to give them a solid platform to work on and get inspired by. 

Set a budget

Next, think of the budget you can set for a new writer. Your budget will determine what writers and what working conditions you can offer. For example, here you can also decide on how long you will need writer’s services. Do you want someone on the payroll for months, or do you need a few projects? What can you afford? You should know your fund availability and stick to it. Also, don’t be tempted to sacrifice quality for lower rates. It’s better to pay more, but once. 

Look at the experience

Of course, you should always pay attention to the candidates’ work experience. Writing as a job can be very versatile. So, people who earn by writing will always have very different work experiences. Some have been writing for blogs since the beginning of their careers. Others feel better at doing technical writing. Some writers know how to make selling texts, others don’t like working in such a style. Overall, a writer’s experience will tell you a lot about their abilities, and how well they suit your job. 

Also, always ask for some writing examples from the candidates. There you get to see how well they actually write, structure, and meet texts’ purposes. However, beyond all these technical aspects, you can also see writers’ voices (or if they are present at all), check their writing styles, overall tone, ability to capture your attention, etc. 

You should know what you expect from a  writer and what kind of texts you want to see on your blog. So, judging by the experience alone, you can see that writers will have an easy time understanding your requests and meeting your needs. 

Discuss schedules and work hours

You should set out a straight schedule and work expectations during your interviews with the writers. It will be a shame to choose a perfect writer for a job only to later learn about their unmatching availability. So, it’s best to start by explaining how much work you expect from them and how much you are willing to pay. So talk work. Show them a working schedule with all the planned posts, long reads, updates, etc. Set clear deadlines and text instructions. Discuss writers’ availability. 

Moreover, you better determine for yourself what type of corporation suits you best. Perhaps, you will do just fine with a couple of freelance writers who send you a few posts a month. Maybe, you want an in-house writer who can help you choose the right topics, discuss your new ideas, and set the future direction for the blog. Such opposite job requirements will come with completely different expectations, working hours, and payment. So, be clear upfront about what you need for the time being.

Hire enthusiasts 

Chances are, you feel very passionate about your blog and the work you do there. So, it also makes sense if you choose to hire people who can share your enthusiasm. Of course, they won’t work on pure enthusiasm. You have to offer good pay and working conditions to spark their interest. Yet, having writers who care about your blog will significantly help. 

In addition, better find writers who are passionate about the theme of your blog. Thus, if you run a food blog, have some food or home cooks to help you create recipes and texts. If your site is about travel, find those with travel experience. In fact, maybe even seek freelance writers who travel at the moment. Overall, try to find people who share your enthusiasm and understand your passion.

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