Luxury tourists will love the desert safari in Dubai. Guests are transported in Range Rovers off the beaten track and take in the scenery on a guided tour of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. There they can see a falconry demonstration and watch the sunset before heading to an exclusive venue for a private silver service dinner in the dunes. Luxury tourists will be spoilt for choice with this experience. However, be aware of the costs and dress code when booking a luxury desert safari in Dubai.


If you are looking for an exotic and fun holiday, a luxury desert safari in Dubai is just the thing for you. This experience offers everything from quad biking and night safaris to authentic Arabian food and entertainment. You will be able to enjoy every aspect of your trip and make the most out of your time in the UAE. You can also take part in some of the traditional activities of Dubai, including camel rides, quad biking, sand boarding, and even dune bashing.

You can choose from a variety of activities during your luxury desert safari in Dubai. Some of them include sandboarding, which is like snowboarding on the sand. You can also enjoy henna painting, which is traditional body art. You can also ride camels, which is an ancient way to traverse the desert. If you are looking for something extra, you can also opt for a hot air balloon ride.


The cost of a luxury desert safari in Dubai varies, depending on the package you choose when booking. Some companies offer packages from two to six hours, which include everything from camel riding to quad biking and you end up having the best desert safari Dubai. Prices start at AED 130 for a two-hour desert safari, and range upwards to AED 280 for a six-hour safari, which includes dinner. The latter is a good value, as it includes a lot of desert activities, including camel riding and quad biking.

When planning your luxury desert safari, you should first consider how many people you’re taking. You won’t need to carry a large group of people, but you’ll still need plenty of space. You should be prepared to hike, drive over sandy terrain, and take pictures in the sand dunes. You’ll want to pack light clothing and a scarf in case the sun starts to rise early. You’ll also want to be aware of the risks. The desert is extremely hot, so you’ll want to stay cool.


A luxury desert safari in Dubai lasts around six hours. While on the trip, you’ll visit a variety of attractions and have the chance to see wildlife. You can also partake in sandboarding, a kind of snowboarding on the sand, and get your hands on henna tattoos, traditional body art that is sure to make a great souvenir. The driver of your desert safari will also stop to let you shop for souvenirs. The most popular souvenir is the Arabic headscarf, known as the “Ghutrah,” which is designed to protect your face from the heat of the desert.

Platinum Heritage, one of two licensed desert safari companies in Dubai, offers a variety of tour packages. Its safaris are led by licensed conservation guides and are educational in nature. Platinum Heritage also operates a solar-powered Bedouin camp, uses stainless-steel water bottles, and pays special attention to wildlife, including falcons and camels. Its tours focus on the rich heritage of the Emiratis and their wildlife.

Dress code

If you are planning a luxury desert safari, you need to be aware of the dress code in Dubai. This dress code is meant to protect the modesty of local families. For example, you should avoid wearing shorts and revealing tops. Also, you shouldn’t wear flip-flops or open shoes. You should bring a change of clothes for the evening. You must also be able to wear a hat and a scarf if the desert safari requires you to do so.

The temperature can vary by as much as 10 degrees Celsius when you leave the city. In addition, you may be required to wear long pants, a pullover, or a cardigan. Depending on the time of day, the desert safari may be an afternoon or evening activity. Dress accordingly, as the weather is hot and humid. You may also get to ride quad bikes in the sand dunes. For evening activities, you should wear a light long-sleeved shirt.

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