Dubai is a magical place that attracts tourists from all over the world. The United Arab Emirates is an amazing country that combines luxury boutiques, great history, the most modern entertainment and incredible architecture. It is not surprising that almost every one of us would like to visit here at least once. However, this country is also known for strict rules and a wide list of restrictions. In order not to get into an awkward position or even break the law at the entrance here, we suggest talking about what not to do if you are planning a trip to the UAE.

Medical preparations

Pay special attention to your first aid kit when you pack your things in Dubai. Customs closely checks medicines for the content of prohibited elements in the composition. If customs officers find drugs containing narcotic substances in your first aid kit, big problems may arise (up to imprisonment or a large monetary fine). It is better to buy the necessary drug in local pharmacies.


You can not drink alcoholic beverages in public places: on the streets and beaches. Being in a public place under the influence of alcohol and driving under the influence of alcohol is severely punished by a fine or arrest, and sometimes deportation from the country. If you really want to relax with alcohol, it is recommended to drive to the hotel or your rented accommodation after purchasing alcohol and enjoy a drink in your atmosphere. And if you don’t really want to waste time on the road, go by car for rent. Car rental services in Dubai, such as, will very promptly provide you with a wide selection of cars for a favorable price. Trips by rented cars have a lot of advantages – the price, the quality of the car, the lack of need for car maintenance. In short, renting a car is a salvation for a tourist.


The fight against corruption is relevant in many countries of the world. However, this is especially acute in the UAE. Do not try to offer money or gifts to police officers or other officials when you find yourself in a difficult situation. This will entail a lot of consequences and you will find yourself in a much more difficult situation than you were before. 


Perhaps someone will consider it quite obvious, but it’s better to say it. In the UAE, you should not take pictures of people without getting their permission, it is impolite and representatives of this country will definitely not appreciate such a gesture. It is especially important not to photograph women, as well as strategically important objects, such as police stations, sea piers, airports and palaces of sheikhs.


Another extremely important issue is the clothing of both women and men. You can treat this as you like, but Dubai is mentally quite a closed area with its own rules. Therefore, it is polite to observe them. Women’s clothing should not be very open or transparent. When visiting a mosque, a woman should have her head, arms and legs covered, while men should have their shoulders and knees covered.

Perhaps it will cause discomfort, but remember, you are a tourist, you should respect the rules of the country you are in.

As you can see, despite the fact that Dubai is a fairly strict country, it is not difficult to follow the basic rules for comfortable travel and communication with the locals. The main thing to remember is that respect for the rules of a foreign area is the first and most important thing a tourist should do. Otherwise, you will have troubles and bad impressions from traveling wherever you go.

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